Maskull Lasserre
Secret Carpentry

(private collection)Second Thought

(private collection)Six Shot - Six String

(1/3 private collection)
OracleAllegory (for Lacoste Paris)

(Lacoste/Devanlay inc)Mother  

(private collection)Self Doubt (Macaque)

(private collection)
RepertoireMammoth and Bird

(Museum of Fine Art, Montreal, Canada)Outliers (Trace)
Three-Octave Composition

(private collection)Three-Octave Composition

(private collection)Totem

(private collection)Totem (detail)

(private collection)Totem (detail)

(private collection)Migration

(private collection)Migration (detail)

(private collection)Lexicon

(City of Ottawa)Lexicon (detail)

(City of Ottawa)Lexicon (detail)

(City of Ottawa)Murder (background Rubric)

(private collection)Murder (detail)

(private collection)SeptemberFour Foot Length

(private collection)Four Foot Length (detail)

(private collection)A-ChairA-Chare (detail)Emergency-GEmergency-G (detail)Emergency-G (detail)Four Leg ArpeggioFour Leg ArpeggioFour Leg Arpeggio (detail)Misconception Viewer (detail)Misconception Viewer (detail)Misconception ViewerMisconception Viewer (detail)Misconception Viewer (detail)Notes for Lt. BrownNotes for Lt. BrownPerfection as a Unit of Distance Perfection as a Unit of Distance Perfection as a Unit of Distance Verisimilitude in CChinaChinaConsensusConsensus (detail)Consensus (crate)DuetDuet (detail)Face CordFace Cord (detail)Face Cord and Industrial FairytaleIndustrial FairytaleIndustrial Fairytale (detail)FictionFiction (detail)HarlequinHarlequin (detail)Image IImage IITaxonomiesTaxonomies (detial)VictorVictor (detail)
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