Maskull Lasserre
Maquette for Resonance,Work in progress (Resonance)Work in progress (resonance)Installation (Resonance)Work in Progress (Resonance)Work in progress (Resonance)Work in progress (Resonance)Resonance
Resonance (detail)ResonanceResonance (detail)Resonance (detail)Resonance
(background Shenkman Art Center facade and other 1% commission on the glazing by Adrian Golner - Stand)ResonanceResonanceResonanceResonance
Bronze, stainless steel, carved limestone
live size piano, boulders 51 x 33 x 45 inches each
Shenkman Art Center

Commissioned by the City of Ottawa

Resonance consists of a life-size piano fabricated out of bronze and stainless steel, a limestone boulder recuperated from the building site that has been partially carved into a piano stool, and a stainless steel replica of this boulder its uncarved state. Bronze and stainless steel chisels lie on top of the limestone boulder as if the carving is still in progress.