Abscissa and Ordinate
Wrench, nano-silk, paint, pressure, patience...
12" x 4" x 5"
Omen (event)

My creative practice is a sculptural one. Rendering objects in real-world-four-dimensions comes with an attendant realization: This world exists both as an object and as an image. It follows that there is an object nature to images, especially large kinetic ones. This work coalesces in this quality; the material, haptic, sculptural potential of video image.

We know and understand things by their edges - by their limits. Contrasting something with its antithesis reveals what makes each unique. Binaries are illuminating in this way, but comparisons can also reveal unexpected resonances where opposites share a common border. Or even a common cause.

Information technology, video, large format presentation, interactivity - these are the close and current features of a spectrum that extends all the way to an antique, decomposing piano. The fugitive passage of time, technology, attention, appeal, is meted out in the tempo of successive images, of consecutive notes, of intervals that measure the moments of a life.